The Bigger Picture

Why show compassion towards those who have not yet heard the gospel?

starving vhild

Vulture & starving child (click to see)

Sometimes we forget the bigger picture of the realities in the world around us. When we hear that 50,000 people a day die from hunger and poverty or that 800 million go to be hungry each night we feel deeply troubled. Logic leads us to ask ourselves searching questions like, “If I have material possessions and sees my brother in need but have no pity on him, how can the love of God be in me?” This is why seeing a picture of a starving child stings our conscience so deeply.

Yet, if we have understood the non-material truth revealed in Christ and the Scriptures we recognize that there is a more tragic spiritual poverty with more grave consequences going on all around us.

The love of Christ compels” all of us who know Him to care about the “furtherance of the gospel” to those who “cannot repay us,” the “other sheep” who are still lost, in areas where Christ has “not been named” yet in this generation.

The causes of humanities’ material poverty and suffering can mostly be traced to “man’s inhumanity to man.” When a man’s spiritual poverty is cured he learns to “love his neighbor as himself.” He learns that giving is better than taking. And becomes a part of the solution to his fellow man’s suffering.

This is why I believe that the most strategic way to invest your life is to bring the good news of Christ to those who have not yet heard. Our first step is always to surrender to Christ and to live out our faith in the context of our family, workplace and community. If you don’t love the people near to you how can you love those who are far away? But this should not be our last step. Pray over these request with tears. Refocus. The problems you are facing are small by comparison to the needs of the world. Give yourself away. Loose your life for Christ’s sake and His gospel, so you can find it.


  1. Turkey remains “the largest unreached nation in the world” (3000 Christians among 73 million people, 0.004%; 45 million under age 25.) Pray hard for more laborers to be called and equipped for the harvest.
  2. Pray for continued love, hope and peace for the 2 widows and the 5 children left fatherless and the one sister who lost her fiancée on April 18th, 2007, when 3 Christian workers had their throats slit for the sake of the gospel in Malatya, Turkey. Pray that God will use this to unify and purify His church and to embolden us in the gospel.


map-worldTHE WORLD

  1. The harvest is ripe, but the workers are few. Only 0.2% of Christian workers are among the least reached. Would you beg the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest? Include yourself in this prayer. Is it time for your fellowship to trust God and send more laborers? Ask Him.
  2. There are some 1.5 billion* people who will live and die in our generation with almost no access to the best news the world has ever heard. Pray for a restoration of the churches’ first love for Christ so that we can see these people for whom Christ died through His eyes.
  3. Only 0.07% of Christian giving goes to reaching the least reached peoples. More money is embezzled by the church than all of the money spent on missions. Pray that our hearts would be set on the things above and that we might invest to have treasure in heaven. Pray for the Lord to free us from the love of material comforts so we can serve Him.
  4. The chief work of the church in our generation is equipping ourselves to preach the gospel and make disciples among those who have not yet heard, but many of us are asleep in the light. We are either lack awareness or concern for the lost outside of our personal bubbles. Pray that we might begin where we are by reaching out to those whom God has brought to our doorstep: internationals in our schools, work places, and neighborhoods.
  5. Pray for the 10 largest people groups in the world who have the least access to the gospel. Remember to pray when you hear about Japan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey and China in the news.
People Country Population % Evangelical % Adherent Progress Scale Main Religion
Japanese Japan 122,522,000 0.4% 1.50% 1.2 Buddhism
Shaikh Bangladesh 122,139,000 0.3% 1.1 Islam
Shaikh India 71,601,000 0.00% 1.1 Islam
Brahman India 57,813,000 0.01% 1.1 Hinduism
Yadava India 55,189,000 0.01% 1.1 Hinduism
Turk Turkey 52,691,000 0.00% 1.2 Islam
Chamar India 48,695,000 1.07% 1.2 Hinduism
Rajput India 39,285,000 0.03% 1.2 Hinduism
Han Chinese, Xiang China 38,622,000 0.3% 0.40% 1.2 Non-Religious
Hakka China 33,467,000 0.6% 0.70% 1.2 Non-Religious

The populations are from 2000, but this gives an idea of the needs.

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