Turkish News in English

Dunya Gazetesi (best selling daily business paper, click on English section on their web page)

Hurriyet (major daily newspaper, English language section)

The New Anatolian (daily news in English)

NTV (News TV & Radio)

Middle East Research Institute (Washington based review of news from Turkey)

Sabah (major daily newspaper, English language section)

Turkish Weekly (Journal, weekly news in English)

The Turkish Times (Turkish-American news)

Turks US (Turkish-American & world news related to Turkey)

Yeni ?afak (click on “English” link on their site; daily newspaper from an Islamic perspective)

Lists of Turkish News Sources

List Sources of Turkish News (Turkish & English)

List of Turkish News in English Tumgazeteler.com (searchable news in Turkish of all major newspapers)

NetGazete.com (photos of front pages of Turkish newspapers; lists of TV, web sites, radio; in Turkish)