Visiting Turkey

Language Teachers: There is a high demand for native English speakers (and other languages) who can help Turkish professionals and business people to improve their foreign language skills in their own field of work. A university degree and language and teaching certificates are needed from many of these jobs, but not all.

Short term teams. If you have a small group of people that would be interested in a short term outreach let us know and we coordinate with you or refer you to a group who can help.

People with administrative, computer or other practical skills can serve long term workers.

Some families need help with child care or home schooling.

Teachers, administrators and assistants (interns) are needed in cooperative and international schools to help foreign workers with their children’s education.

Careers: There are many business and career possibilities for professionals and support people in Turkey: computers, communications, engineering, accounting, law, trade, energy, education, language, management, administrative, agriculture, industry, marketing. See also: Doing Business With Turkey