Doing Business with Turkey

busine1Foreign Trade Partners Wanted. We have contact with many “family” friends here in Turkey who are involved in many areas of trade, business and tourism. Write to find out if there might be some way that your current business efforts might be used to bless the people of Turkey directly.

Food and Agricultural Products. Many of the poorest people in Turkey make a living from agriculture.busine2 If you know importers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors of food products in your nation let us know. We can introduce you to solid suppliers of excellent Turkish food products.

Interns & Volunteer helpers. New graduates, retired professionals are needed in a number of businesses here.

Tourism. Some tourism companies offer tours of Biblical (Noah, Abraham, Paul, 7 churches of Rev. 2,3) sites. busine3There are also beautiful Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea holiday spots and mountainous wilderness. They can also organize international conferences.

Interns for Your Business at Home. If you can offer short term (3 to 24 months) work outside of Turkey we can introduce you to university students or recent graduates to work as interns. It is an opportunity for you to have a direct personal impact. Over 45 million people in Turkey are under age 25.

Click here for a list of business resources related to Turkey.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed here please contact us.